The Thrift Shop needs you |

The Thrift Shop needs you

Dear Editor:

We’re off to a flying start! The Aspen Thrift Shop is almost halfway to our building goal of $1.8 million, with support from every corner of the community. Thanks to Alpine Bank’s matching grant of up to $50,000, now would be a great opportunity for folks who haven’t given yet to double the impact of their donation.

As one of Aspen’s oldest (57 years) and much-loved institutions, we rely on our 100 percent volunteer staff and on you, the community, to help us support the recipients of our grants ” our kids, our seniors, our needy, and our friends and fellow valley citizens.

Please go to Alpine Bank or call them, 920-4800, and they will help you make your donation, and then they will match it.

Sue Kolbe

president, Aspen Thrift Shop

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