The story on Old Glory |

The story on Old Glory

Dear Editor:

I was a Girl Scout. I know about proper respect, and I cried when I viewed the original Old Glory last year. I am also old and occasionally confused.

I once attended a wonderful group therapy session where the take-away was to always ask myself, “What’s a different way of looking at that?” Asking this question often allows me to realize that my interpretation of something is skewed by my own need to be right. I am far more successful when I give up that need to be right and replace it with generosity.

Art Hoagland is my friend. Art is partially correct about a mishung flag but there is a different way of looking at it, literally and philosophically. You shouldn’t blame the “Dems” for not caring – but you can blame me for waffling indecision.

I have a family flag that is now 109 years old, and so many people are moved by seeing it that I thought it would be nice to use it at the rally. It strikes a loving sort of sincere patriotism in the eyes of the beholder (as opposed to the jingoism associated with the lapel pin cops), and I enjoy sharing it. The flag is so frail that I have pinned it to muslin to protect it from further damage. It isn’t, therefore, instantly reversible.

We hung the flag, and it was wrong. We took it down and tried to figure out how to flip it and make it right and we repinned it so as to have it hang horizontally correctly. We spent more time with the flag than the rest of the rally set-up. When it went up vertically I knew it was wrong on that side of the podium but if you walk around to the other side, guess what? I left it up. Mea culpa. Why can’t we all just get along?

I was just going to say, “it isn’t a federal offense!” but maybe it is? My apologies are sincere and heartfelt to those, like Art, who are offended.

Georgia Hanson


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