The stench of government |

The stench of government

Dear Editor:

In spite of warnings by the so-called experts concerning the environment and the financial crisis, our politicians still can’t say “no.” Both David Stockman and Niall Ferguson spoke negatively at the Ideas Festival concerning the economy, but the rulers that be seem to know more and predict being able to pay for everything they say “yes” to, Bill McKibbens also spoke concerning global warming and action now.

These are both very serious issues and should be considered first when deciding to pave over more of Mother Earth at the airport and the Rio Grande trail below Stein Park. I know that Bruce Hansen knows more about flying airplanes, airport, runways and safety than all of the commissioners put together. I truly fell sorry for the next generation and hope there is a way they can make those responsible for Aspen’s tremendous carbon footprint come to their senses. Like McKibbens says, “We have the technology, just not the political awareness or concern.”

In this country we seem to have this out of control fear of fear, so rather than listening to it, we keep running in the same wrong direction (using no imagination to get nowhere.) Public opinion had little sway concerning the okaying of the new AVH so all we can do now is vote “NO” on all mill levy increases and all bonds concerning paying for it. Voters, take back your power.

And just my opinion concerning the experiment on Cemetery Lane that’s been killed by its originators (the city – once again!). That should have never been under taken. All roads are paid for by taxpayers, and the control thereof was a ploy to make people so angry they’d vote for the straight shot automatically. No matter that it’s been voted down three times already. There were some great idea put forth by very intelligent citizens to help alleviate the problem, but the city wasn’t looking for ideas. They rarely listen to ideas different from their own agenda, and believe me, they won’t be satisfied until they get what they want. They won’t let a failing economy, global warming, open space, or the historic preservation of the “S” curves (even though they’re the only true historic landmark left) stand in their way. But that’s another letter!

Roine St. Ancre


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