The staffers with the stuff |

The staffers with the stuff

ASPEN When staff ski day was announced last week, I could barely contain my excitement. I mean, who could pass up an on-the-clock day of skiing? Evidently, plenty of people. It seems a lot of my co-workers were more than willing to stay home in bed, because when the appointed meeting time rolled around – 10 a.m., Monday, Gondola Plaza – there was a grand total of six people (three others joined up a bit later). Though it would take a 50-person tram to get our full staff to the top, we could fill only one gondola cabin. Granted, there were a few legitimate excuses (recent knee surgery, a doctor’s appointment), but many of the excuses sounded more like third-grade, dog-ate-my-homework kinda stuff. Regardless, spirits were high in the gondola on the way up. Who cared if most of the staff stayed home. We were not going to be turned off by a little rain! So what if it was going to be like skiing in a marsh. But when we got to the top, it wasn’t even close to the fog at the bottom. The snow was good and fast. The bumps soon got soft. And we got to witness photographer Pablo Conrad shred the gnar. In fact, as soon as we were on the hill, I was surprised by the high skill level of those who showed. Reporter Franz Cagar is sick in the bumps. Business director Nancy Bobrow busted out the old-school style while rocking out on headphones. And the list goes on. We were surprised at the poor showing, but perhaps even more surprised that the skiing was still good and our fellow employees so bad-ass. By the time we walked in to find a crowd of Aspen Times folks at the Sundeck for the free lunch, those of us lucky enough to get out skiing with our co-workers were tired and happy. The rest of the staff will have to wait until next year.

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