The speech police |

The speech police

On Wednesday the U.S. Senate passed a law abridging free speech. They called the law “Campaign Finance Reform.” The media also call it “reform,” because the law will not restrict their speech. In fact their speech now becomes more privileged.

That’s because the law forbids everybody else’s free and unfettered access to the indispensable resources of speech that are the media. This the senators and pundits call “reform.”

I never thought I would see the day when Americans would suffer gladly such a brazen power grab. But it’s here. We are submitting to the government gag.

Once the president signs this bill, the speech police go on patrol. We, the people, will be prosecuted for certain exercises of free expression – especially on political matters, especially about candidates, especially at election time.

Why isn’t it obvious that this is not reform? That speech is not a crime?

No government anywhere on earth has the right to tell any citizen, at any time, on any pretext, what they may say about that government, or about those who govern.

No government has the right to silence citizens in order to protect itself from the force of their opinions. No government has the right to forbid any citizen from freely expressing his political beliefs in the public media. Ever.

“Campaign Finance Reform” imposes these very abuses. By touting it, our betters in media imply that our First Amendment rights are too dangerous for us. For our own good, that is, bureaucrats must protect us from our own free speech.

And by passing “reform,” our betters in high office inform us that they will no longer allow our basic rights to disturb their agendas. They’ll not permit our unfettered participation in our own governance to corrupt them.

I am sick at our willingness to believe them.

Chris King


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