The sound of aging boomers |

The sound of aging boomers

Dear Editor, Recent letters to the editor prove all is not harmonious with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their ilk. It is the practice of proud Harley riders to replace the original noise-legal muffler with a much louder illegal version. The owners and the shops know full well they are breaking the law.These bad boys and girls of the street are looking for one thing: to be noticed. Why mostly middle-aged, overweight and balding people are trying to call attention to themselves begs a question. But after knocking down a couple of bottles, what’s more fun than hittin’ the throttles?We spent a few years in Carbondale having our otherwise peaceful weekend afternoons shattered by “gangs” of rowdy riders getting up to speed after filling their “tanks” at the Pour House. At a Carbondale trustees meeting I once said: “This might be un-American to ask, but why the hell don’t we do something about those damn noisy Harleys.” Answer: “You’re right – that is un-American.”One day some old friends of ours from Nashville showed up with brand new Harleys – his and hers. They were touring Colorado. As they got ready to take off on the next leg of their Ride the Rockies, they put something in their ears. I said: “What’s that?” They said: “Ear plugs; we’d go deaf without them!”Patrick Hunter Carbondale