The soft spring

Bob WardAspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN So what season is it, anyway?My calendar says mid-March, but my window is open and I’ve heard the water dripping from the eaves all day long. On the way to Highlands the other day, my kid rolled down the car window, stuck his head outside and hollered, “It feels like summer!”I’m writing this at 6 p.m., but it’s sunny outside. The piles of snow on the street shrink every day and the words “Fruita” and “Moab” sneak into conversation with growing frequency.I love skiing soft spring moguls, and I’m always game for an offseason dose of slickrock and slot canyons, but not just yet.Don’t we get a few more March powder days? Isn’t there a 2-foot dump in the forecast?Not to whine, but somehow it feels like we haven’t hit our powder quota yet. And that storm at the beginning of the month, juicy as it was, tended to whet the appetite rather than satisfy it.Does anyone else feel this way? I’m just not quite ready to get excited about spring.When they set off those bombs on Aspen Mountain the other day, it brought back bad memories from that March two or three years ago when it seemed like the entire snowpack melted off in a matter of a few unseasonably warm days. The charges shook the windows at The Aspen Times and frightened all the dogs.Today’s forecast calls for a high of 51 degrees and a chance of rain or snow. That’s right: rain or snow. And the National Weather Service shows nothing but bright yellow sun through the entire weekend.I’m all for bluebird days, but couldn’t it stay chilly for a few more weeks? With a few more storms in between?I think it’s time for a ritual bonfire and a snow dance.


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