The snow comes, and it’s lights out |

The snow comes, and it’s lights out

Who do you thank when it snows?

Which high power do you supplicate yourself to?

Which deity to you prostrate yourself in front of?

I don’t know, but this morning I’m bowing down in all four directions in the name of continued frozen precipitation.

And for god’s sake, if you are reading this and it’s after 9 a.m., put the paper down and get your boots on. We had 3 inches of snow yesterday which counts as a powder day in Aspen in December.

Just think how soft the slopes, how creamy the corduroy, how fluffy the furrows are on this lucky morning.

If you’re a weather watcher, you’ll know that more snow is not likely today or tonight. Saturday is to be windy and partly cloudy, and Sunday – race day – is to be “very windy,” which could make for an interesting evening in the swaying bucket.

The 24 Hours of Aspen festivities begin with a gala on Saturday night at the St. Regis. Tickets start at $250, and we’re thinking the best strategy for the night is to take a date who is too young to know who the Average White Band is.

Then, while the race is going on, there’s another party at the Sundeck, which is usually more fun than doing laps through Spar all night.

Speaking of that, the chief of race for the event, Scotty Nichols, is asking residents of Aspen to light a candle for a racer from about Sunday at 3 p.m. until Monday morning at 9 a.m.

That’s light a candle as in turn out the lights, because some of the big bright lights on the course are being powered by electricity from the city of Aspen municipal system.

If everyone in Aspen gets the munchies at 10:30 p.m. and puts two Pop Tarts in the toaster, the sudden burden on the electrical system could cause a blackout along the course.

Imagine that. There you are, going 90 mph through Spar and the lights go out.

It’s happened once before during a really cold race when everyone in town had their driveway heaters going, their hot tubs bubbling, their home movie theaters pumping and their toaster ovens on “singe.”

So, for the racers’ sake, pretend there’s a war on and turn the lights out on Sunday night.

The other big action this weekend is in the G Zones in Highland Bowl. The promised land is opening for all pilgrims, and anyone seeking redemption should check it out.

Buttermilk and Elk Camp are also opening this weekend, which means there will be more groomers for all to enjoy.

As for me, I’ll be looking for holy men in G-7, which I’ve been told is somewhere between G-6 and G-8.

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