The slippery slope of fingerprint scans |

The slippery slope of fingerprint scans

Dear Editor:

I, for one, do not advocate my child’s fingerprint to be used in any form in the Aspen public schools (“Cafeterias plan to scan fingerprints of students,” Nov. 12). I don’t know what’s more disturbing ” the fact that a government institution wants to catalog my 7-year-old’s fingerprint, or that they can state with no sense of irony that this information will be safeguarded. Wasn’t it just two years ago that the University of Colorado had thousands of identities stolen from its database?

Regardless of the platform being used to identify a fingerprint, or how the information is stored, it will be accessible to someone, and that is more than any of us should be willing to risk. They say that this information will not be used for any other purpose; but once the door is open, there is no closing it. What happens in five or 10 years when our nation’s school systems are short on cash and have the opportunity to sell this marketing gold mine to the likes of MTV and the Cartoon Channel?

That may sound alarmist, but it happens every day with our City Market cards.

Trivializing this process of “swiping our finger” to an entire generation of children essentially programs them to accept this as a norm. Once they are young adults, they won’t think twice about using this same method to save 10 percent on some Gap Jeans. And once that happens, all privacy is lost.

The Aspen School District needs to look at the big picture and realize that the potential risks of this system far outweigh the advantages. Aspen is famous for its liberal leanings on issues such as this, and I can’t imagine many of us want our town to be a testing ground for something so controversial.

Dylan Regan


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