The skinny on Schwartz |

The skinny on Schwartz

Dear Editor: I am writing to set the record straight on State Senate Democratic candidate Gail Schwartz. Politics is supposed to be about the exchange of ideas and values, not smears and personal attacks. It is truly disheartening when political operatives decide to smear opponents with inaccuracies and mean-spirited messages, like the one area voters received this week in the mail.As a state senator, Gail Schwartz will represent our area and stand up for Western Slope interests: A cleaner environment, water rights, better schools, jobs in Colorado, and access to health care for all Coloradans. It is easy to attack a candidate from Aspen for living the “limousine life,” even when it is not true. Many people in Aspen are hardworking and are committed to our families and our communities. Gail is one of those people. She has two daughters in college and a third who is an architect, and she has worked hard as a CU regent to better higher education in Colorado. Her husband Alan is a committed member of the Aspen community. As a family they are very involved in our town.Half-truths are no better than lies. The whole truth about Gail’s stays at Denver’s Hotel Teatro is that it is one block from CU Denver, was once a CU college classroom building, and most importantly it has contracted with CU to provide greatly reduced rates to university and government officials. All of the out-of-town regents stay there when working in Denver. It is cheaper than staying at The Holiday Inn in downtown Denver! Far from overspending taxpayer funds, Gail is actually saving money on her numerous official trips to Denver. Those who attempt to smear her with an erroneous and mean-spirited mailing should be ashamed of themselves! What happened to arguing the issues on their merits?It is sad that the opposition has to resort to desperate measures to bring Gail down. Gail is a person of integrity and the strongest candidate for the Colorado State Senate in District 5. She deserves better, and so do we.Hillary KlugAspen


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