The second annual Newsmaker of the Year |

The second annual Newsmaker of the Year

Aspen Times writer

Last year we launched a new Aspen Times tradition – the Newsmaker of the Year. We believe it’s a beneficial exercise to look back at the year each December with an eye toward the people or things that made news, changed the community or challenged us to think. Lest we forget, a lot of things happened in 2005, and we hope that this story – actually a series of stories about the people in the headlines – can bring some focus to the last 12 months.As we said last year, this is not a list of our “favorite” people or stories. It’s not a catalog of the best or worst, the good or bad. It’s a list of the biggest newsmakers – people and things that, for better or worse, commanded attention and affected thousands of people in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.

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