The scare tactics of Fox News |

The scare tactics of Fox News

Dear Editor:

When I was a teenager I spent a lot of quality time driving around Dearborn, Mich., discussing the issues of our times with my good friends.

The topics usually included where you could get a new Corvette for $200 (a body had been found in it) and how dropping an aspirin in a Coke would send a girl into a sexual frenzy. We inhaled stupid urban myths like oxygen. Why? Because we wanted to, there was no Google, it was difficult to phrase those questions to a reference librarian and our luck with girls made it pretty clear that we needed some kind of outside help.

When I hit 20 I found myself in Vietnam. One of the unwritten rules was that wherever you were was relatively safe and wherever you might be going was fraught with peril. There was a guy in our unit that would invariably side up to you and go, “We’re moving out.” We would always ask where, like he might say Los Angeles. He would come back with something like V.C. Valley. The first few times he did that our blood turned cold. After that he lost credibility. This seemed to me to be a natural progression. Lie to me once, shame on you. Lie to me 400 times, shame on me. Which brings me to Bob Anderson’s letter of Nov. 6 and the fanciful $200-million-a-day cost of Obama’s trip to India and Asia.

This is the latest effort of Fox News and the right-wing blogosphere. To give credit where credit is due they have warned us that:

1) Obama is a racist, terrorist, fist-bumping Kenyan citizen who is just like a socialist Hitler.

2) Obama wants to institute Sharia law in the U.S.

3) Obama will institute death panels.

4) If you’re a Republican you’ll end up in a FEMA re-education camp (Carbondale’s is behind the rodeo).

5) The census will help the government find out where your guns are.

In 1964 it was difficult to tell truth from fiction. Today, not so much. If you believe 1 through 5 you may want to check your sources and look at why you need to believe that “stuff.”

John Finlayson


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