The road toward civility starts here |

The road toward civility starts here

Dear Editor:

I believe I owe an apology for the use of hyperbole and embellishment in a recent letter to the editor of the Aspen Daily News that expressed my reaction to Mayor Mick Ireland seeking to run for a City Council seat in this May election.

I do believe the intent of the Colorado Constitution term limits is circumvented by such an action, but the language I used was offensive and uncivil. I have often called for more civility from the City Council. There is no excuse for me being uncivil, but I hope it is forgivable.

City Attorney Jim True authored a legal opinion that the City Council released Jan. 14. I understand the arguments True presents, but I still disagree with the conclusion. I do this with respect for our city attorney. People I respect have expressed their beliefs that term limits should not be allowed, Torre among them. The fact remains that term limits are in the state constitution.

Ireland has dedicated nearly two decades of his life to political office. He deserves my respect in spite of what I feel have been disrespectful discourses in the past. I need to take more deep breaths before I react. I do believe it is time for him to step aside and let some new blood in.

I discovered that the “N” word is the third rail of political discussion – “Nixon.” I promise not to use the “N” word again in my political commentary. I pledge to the City Council, the mayor and the people of Aspen to be more circumspect in my expression of disagreements. I grew up in the ’60s, when I adopted the aphorism “Question authority.” I am both a cynic and a skeptic. I suspect this old leopard might not be able to change his spots. I will continue to express my views, but I will strive to always be civil and respectful.

To Mick, council and the people of Aspen, I apologize. I will now have a big piece of humble pie made with crow.

Ward Hauenstein


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