The right to be freaky |

The right to be freaky

Dear Editor:Thank goodness the cluster bombs aren’t dropping on our schools, hospitals, family, friends and communities. This means we still have time. We can stop this war machine, but as Einstein put it, “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” There is so much horrific and scandalous brutality being committed behind the scenes by our governments and the corporations that support them, I don’t even know where to start. I do know that I’m ready for solutions to create a country in which I am proud to live. Whose country is this and what is it going to take for us to reclaim it and build a governing body that actually acts for and by the people instead of following the false profit?I’ve been dressing up in costumes on Wednesdays for two months in order to create some positive vibrations and encourage people to laugh and smile. By dressing up in costume I exercise my First Amendment right to freedom of expression. Many people in the world don’t have this freedom and I dress up to remind everyone to utilize our rights as they are being eroded by documents such as the Patriot Act. This is no time to ignore our erroneous foreign policies and brutal treatment of innocent people. It is time to start a peaceful revolution. Dress-up Wednesday creates positive vibrations and the more people who participate, the larger the impact. It’s time to get a little freaky and have a lot of fun with our communities and create so many positive vibrations there is no room for slimy corporate deals, human rights violations or wars for oil.Stacy SteinBasalt

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