The right thing to do |

The right thing to do

Dear Editor:The European Stars and Stripes is the soldier’s newspaper. Almost daily, the Stripes prints an AP update on U.S. deaths in Iraq.When I was in the States this summer, I was surprised that the U.S. media/newspapers rarely provided such information. In fact, most of the news I saw on stateside TV had to do with Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson. I think this is a travesty, considering the 15-month troop deployments and the daily attacks on our soldiers.I am sure that if you asked most Americans how many of our soldiers were killed or injured in Iraq, they would have no idea. I believe Americans are entitled to this information and must know the true cost of this war. It’s the right thing to do.Ed ThornburgMaj. U.S. Army, Ret. (Vietnam Vet.)Würzburg, Germany