The right decision |

The right decision

Dear Editor:As one of the most disapproving critics of the Paepcke Auditorium renaming controversy, I congratulate the Aspen Institute for making the right decision by not changing or altering the name of Paepcke Auditorium. Aspen Institute triumphed over the forces of greed and false charity. Truth and wisdom has prevailed against the forces of seductive and selfish entitlement. The simple message is: You can’t buy your way into this organization. Walter Paepcke gave Aspen a priceless gift much greater than any amount of money; Walter and Mrs. Paepcke gave their heart and soul to our fine community. We are all beneficiaries of this gift, and we must always remember their humanity.Walter Paepcke’s spirit is with us now, and his children are living among us in this glorious valley. I encourage Aspenites Stewart and Lynda Resnick to direct their generous donation to the renovation of Paepcke Auditorium. The money should go toward renovating the building that houses the auditorium along with other facilities at the Aspen Institute. Aspen Institute President Walter Isaacson, in his letter, described the renovation as turning the building’s library and gallery into “overflow rooms” for popular events at the auditorium, as well as upgrades to such things as ventilation, wiring and the installation of “solar panels and green technology.”We must perpetuate a wise tradition of preserving the memories of our most influential people. I believe that the Aspen Institute should begin an initiative to memorialize the wonderful contributions that Mr. and Mrs. Resnick are making to our wonderful community. I’m suggesting that they deserve their own “naming opportunity” on the Aspen Institute campus or surrounding area. Perhaps now is the time to begin raising the necessary funds in a conscious effort to enshrine the Resnick remembrance in a suitable structure or parcel of land. It’s important that their children and grandchildren, and all future Aspenites remember our founding father and those who have been most influential in advancing the great dream and vision. Aspen is very fortunate to have the spirit of the Paepckes and Resnicks and it’s incumbent that we protect their priceless contributions and memories forever.Scott David CourtsAspen/Santa Barbara