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The right choice

I’d like to second Brent Waldron’s thanks to councilmembers McCabe, Hershey and Semrau, for their foresight in approving the Entrance to Aspen. It’s the right choice.

I called them after the vote, and the poor bastards thought I was calling to give ’em shit, about the only thing you can count on if you’re crazy enough to run for the job.

I would also like to give credit (for a change) to Ralph Trapani of CDOT notoriety, for persevering with the completion of the Highway 82 improvement plan. I don’t recall seeing it printed that the much-fretted-about roundabout not only works well, as was suggested, but even looks better than a set of traffic signals previously in that location.

Even our own “it won’t work” ex-mayor, Bill Stirling, admits this fact. I remember when the only logical plan for four-laning 82 through Snowmass Canyon was to put the downvalley traffic on Lower River Road, because to move all the cliff for the highway would have meant roughly a 100-foot excavation on the present alignment.

Then came the technology of Glenwood Canyon, and if you remember the extremely hazardous two-lane road that was, it is now an incredible scenic corridor. I mean to say, I think they have done a remarkable engineering job!

As for the entrance across the Marolt property, the “cut and cover” approach with the reclamation of the present Highway 82 alignment adjacent to the golf course will be a vast improvement. The disinformation advertising campaign that was presented by the “Friends of Marolt” for the last debate, featuring the present view of Marolt versus some bazaar photograph taken of some baron strip of road from where?, was ridiculous.

It’s hard to conceive of why coming from four lanes all the way from Glenwood to the roundabout, then bottle necking several blocks to Main Street (seven lanes – count ’em) is so appealing! Perhaps you just live east of the roundabout and never really thought about it.

And, while we’re at it: yes, make four-lane (bus, HOV, train, whatever) just to admit that the traffic is here. It’s hard to admit, but it will be OK.

Yeah, I live downvalley these days, but for 25 of my 32 years here, I specialized in auto extrication with the valiant members of the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department. And I promise this highway is safer than ever. That’s what really counts. Happy motoring.

Tim Cottrell

Old Snowmass

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