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The rest of the story

Dear Editor:

On Feb. 14, a could-have-been-fatal, head-on collision was noted in the local newspaper. Someone who did not fully research the cause, nor talk with the woman assumed to be at fault, authored the article.

Instead, the incriminating news noted “inattentive driving” and the issuance of a ticket for careless driving. The reality is that a 68-year-old woman, who has never had an accident or a ticket, found herself on an unlit section of highway, with no directional or one-way signs to help her distinguish the appropriate lane for returning upvalley. This was not inattentiveness or irresponsibility, it was a mistake by a cautious woman who saw no highway signs to direct her in which way to go.

Perhaps the reporter should have been more complete in determining the situation before labeling someone “inattentive” and “careless.” When something of this magnitude occurs, fully investigating the cause is in order. For someone not familiar with the area, a dangerous, curved road in a canyon area, with no lights or signs, whereby the driver needs to rapidly pull out and accelerate, is an accident waiting to happen.

Is CDOT addressing these dangers? Clearly this accident was a warning to stop calling responsible drivers “careless” and “inattentive” and fix a dangerous section of Highway 82.

Patricia Epstein