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The rest of the story

Dear Editor:

A recent edition of The Aspen Times showed a photo printed of a horse and rider going over a jump at Cedar Ridge Ranch. Sadly missing from this lovely photo was the significant “story.”

Alexandra Anwyl-Davies, a remarkable English lady and an accomplished rider, started a riding club – Alexandra’s Cross Country Riding Club – three years ago for the express purpose of promoting this challenging and beautiful sport for all ages, with a particular emphasis on aiding young people and those new to the sport.

This annual event is an arduous, intense labor-of-love where she and volunteers lay out the most challenging obstacle course for all levels between Denver and Salt Lake City. Through generous donations from the participants in this club, Wind Walkers, a therapeutic organization with use of horses, has been a beneficiary and participant. Ms. Alexandra is commended for her extraordinary efforts by the many riders from all over Colorado that show up annually for this beautiful event at the Cedar Ridge Ranch.

Camilla Sparlin

Woody Creek

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