The rest of the story |

The rest of the story

Dear Editor:I am writing in response to Joel Stonington’s article, “Guilty Plea in S’mass Attack,” Dec. 19. I think the media should report the whole story before putting ink to paper.David May did not deserve to be beaten the way he was. No one deserves that. However, Mr. May was intoxicated the night of the incident as well, and he did provoke the fight by being verbally abusive. Nowhere in Joel’s article does it mention David May’s blood alcohol level. Furthermore, nowhere in The Aspen Times article does it mention that Justino never denied the incident to police, that Justino is paying May’s medical bills without requirement, and that Justino has since written May a long letter of apology.Justino worked for Aspen ski patrol for a number of years, performing CPR and other lifesaving procedures on countless members of this community. I think that it is important to remember that we all make mistakes, some more grave than others. Justino has accepted responsibilty like a man for his part in the fight. I can’t say that much for Mr. May.Tino (as his friends know him) is a great person and I want you all to know that. On a final note, I think if Tino was actually trying to “flee” police on a RFTA bus, he could’ve found a quicker and more reliable mode of transportation.Stacy DuchscherNew Castle

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