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The rest of the story

Dear Editor:William Small recently wrote a letter to the editor (Nov. 27) complaining about inaccuracies and misrepresentations of other letter writers to benefit Concept 600 condo ownersWhile I have no opinion on the new construction project Mr. Small represents, I do take exception to an inaccurate statement made by Mr. Small himself.The statement that the Concept 600 building was “torched while under construction because it was such an example of poor design and irresponsible development” is in itself completely inaccurate, false and a misrepresentation of the truth.The fire was started by union representatives from the Front Range due to the fact the Concept 600 construction project was a nonunion job. The individuals who started the fire were apprehended, convicted and spent about six months in jail.As a side note, the night of the fire was my last day of work on that building. I was one of the first people to respond to the fire as I saw the flames while I was walking home. There was a false alarm reported at Woody Creek, and most of the volunteer fire department responded to that area. There were only one or two people from the fire department at the scene with an older fire truck they couldn’t get working for quite a while, so the fire would eventually involve the whole downvalley half of the building.I knew there were two large propane tanks in the burning side of the building, so I grabbed a bystander and carried the first full tank down to the ground floor. We went back up and carried the other tank down to the second floor. By this time the bars had emptied to watch the fire. So a brave and fired-up local was at the bottom of the only ladder we could use and told us to let go of the huge tank, and he would catch it at the bottom of the ladder.Of course we said there was no way he could stop the tank that was full and extremely heavy, as two of us could barely carry it. He would have none of it, and the fire was getting very close by this time, so we had to let go of the tank and it slid down the ladder at an increasing speed and nailed our brave friend in the chest. The sight of the person sprawled on the ground in pain with the propane tank next to him will never leave my mind.And now you know the rest of the story.L.J. ErspamerAspen

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