The real deal |

The real deal

Dear Editor:Bravo!I finally found the weekly issue of The Aspen Times that told the story of Bil Dunaway and gave him a proper send off, in his own legacy newspaper. A send-off from his buds, his employees, locals. Recently my friend Karin Nostdahl (Wehse) posted an Aspen Historical Society clip on Facebook about Aspen then and now. I made a sarcastic comment about how Aspen really hadn’t changed that much. People posted comments of disbelief. I followed up with a comment about how there still remains a core group of people that understand the “Aspen Idea” and keep that spirit alive in this town. Bil Dunaway was one of those people – keeping it real. One of those “Aspen characters” that colored the town. Like Ralph Jackson, Mead Metcalf, Tom Sardy & Eve Homeyer … I could go on and on -Jay Baxter, Dr. Whit, Peter Greene … so many others. Not all have passed. Many are still here. They keep that special “Aspen spirit” alive. They have the biggest smiles in town -just look into their eyes … no botox necessary!Cindy Madsen BuckCarbondale