The real Chanukah spirit |

The real Chanukah spirit

Tony Hershey”s column on Christmas Day is as far removed from the “way” of the Jewish faith as we are from Pluto. Here”s a story that exemplifies the “idea.”

A rabbi wrote over a millennium ago an explanation of why we cover the challah bread at our holiday dinners. (Challah bread is the braided egg bread that we generally use to say a prayer of thanks for the food we are about to eat to start our festive meal; after all, every Jewish holiday requires eating.)

The bread is covered, because if we let it sit naked on the table, we are concerned that its feelings may be hurt through embarrassment of being seen by our arriving guests. To protect its feeling we cover it.

Think about it … if you can be considerate of an inanimate loaf of bread’s feelings and use that as a starting point for how you treat everyone that enters your home (your life), just imagine the enormous amount of “magic” you create.

My employee manual is titled, “Given the nature of man; any act of kindness should be considered a small miracle.” “How we treat, think about, value and respect each other is the heart of our system. ‘Each other’ includes everyone, especially ourselves.” When we start with this ethic of “being” we cannot help but treat our guests with kindness and the respect they deserve when they enter “our” home.

Tony, in your column the eight presents break down to petty insults to our mayor and county councilman as to their attire and style, a scathing assessment of a fellow columnist’s opinions, an egocentric and demeaning conclusion that the residents of Snowmass don’t know they live in a ski area, more sour, acid-laced, childish victim whining towards the “David” that kicked your cry baby butt, and an arrogant political shot at the Democratic party. Six out of eight mean-spirited presents do not qualify as Chanukah gifts in my family.

Tony, your character is in great need of help. I am embarrassed for you and know that our community and our guests who visit us see this as an outward cry for assistance.

Being born Jewish, Bar Mitzvahed and raised with the warmest aspects of Judaism, I know that Jesus Christ would love the opportunity to be your savior. For, on Christmas, we all celebrate the miracle and the courage that occurred when a “man” said it’s time for a change … it shall no longer be an eye for an eye … I will lead by example and turn my other cheek.

Evolution to a higher moral ethic of “being” is available for all of us who choose to grow and learn. The story and miracle of Chanukah is rooted in faith and hope. So many of our traditions involve “eight” days … think about it … six days to create the physical world, a day of rest and then the symbolism that on the eighth day “our” ascension to a higher spiritual way of being.

Hmmmmm … I guess we’re all speaking the same language after all.

Jimmy Yeager