The real Aspen queens |

The real Aspen queens

Having grown up in Aspen, I’d wish to refute Dick Butera’s letter on Elizabeth Paepcke as the “Queen of Aspen.” I can think of several ladies who quietly would be “Queens” in their own right, who served Aspen with the heart instead of with money or status. Most deserve recognition, but chose not to claim it or flaunt it.

My list would be the following:

– The Ladies who put on the St. Patrick’s day dinner for years:

Mrs. Grace Condon, Mrs. Elizabeth Callahan, Mrs. Babcock, Mrs. Elsie Snyder, and Mrs. Maxine Garrish, Mrs. Jenny Popish.

– The Ladies who organized and ran the Aspen School Carnival for many years. I wish I knew who all they were.

– The Ladies who put on the Aspen Valley Hospital Dinner year after year.

I wish I knew them as well.

– Mrs. Trudy Barr who organized the original Aspen Ski Swap.

– The Ladies who organized and found the homes to show in the Aspen House and Garden Tour, before Mrs. Paepcke and her bunch took it over and destroyed its charm.

Other ladies of Aspen I’d name as Queens:

– Mrs. Van Loon, Mrs. Lucille Price, Mrs. Tom Sardy, Mrs. Mona Frost, Mrs. Charlene Kalmas, Mrs. Betty Pfister (for her dedication to search and rescue);

– Mrs. Hildur Anderson, Mrs. Louiva Stapleton, Mrs. Gretl Uhl, Mrs. Sherri Oates;

– Mrs. Alberta Moore, Mrs. Kurt Barr, Mrs. Sigrid Stapleton, Mrs. Benedict,

Mrs. Margaret Conners, Mrs. Peter Guy;

– Miss Louise Berg, who told the real history of early Aspen every week on KSNO;

– Miss Sharon Briggs, for her devotion to helping all children’s needs;

– Mrs. Hazel Loushin, Mrs. Carletta (Parsons) McClaine, Mrs. Dottie Danieli;

– Mrs. Betty Marolt, Mrs. Joyce Popish, for years of dedicated nursing at Aspen Valley Hospital;

– Mrs. Twinning, who Managed the Aspen Citizens Hospital;

– Mrs. Pam Beck, for the Aspen Blue Ladies.

And the countless other “Women of Aspen” who kept the true spirit of Aspen in the Quiet Years‚ and beyond and who served without honors or laurels or labels. Yet each served with the LOVE only one can find in the word community.

Thank you all,

Karl L. Loushin

Blue Lake Subdivision


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