The readers have spoken |

The readers have spoken

Dear Editor:

Regarding The Aspen Times grocery bag poll:

Question: Which approach to discouraging the use of single-use plastic bags at supermarkets do you prefer?


• “I don’t support any of these measures. Stop already.” – 64.19 percent (190 votes)

• “Simply ban plastic bags.” – 17.23 percent (51 votes)

• “Ban plastic bags and charge a fee for paper bags.” -11.49 percent (34 votes)

• “An added fee on plastic bags.” – 7.09 percent (21 votes)

Aspen City Council and others, please take heed! Over 64 percent of readers want you to leave plastic grocery carriers alone.

As a part-time resident I see nothing but negatives for ourselves and our visitors if a ban or bag fees are imposed. The green posturing and feel-good stuff has to stop. Quit trying to run our behavior, run a city, please.

Don Averitt

Dallas and Snowmass Village

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