The punishment lands on us |

The punishment lands on us

Dear Editor:Mr. Andersen as is the case with many of his colleagues at The Aspen Times has never quite grasped the way Americas free enterprise system works (Developers should pay, Aug. 20).Any new fees/taxes levied by government on private industry are simply passed along to the end-consumer. The mother in the A&P checkout line is inevitably the one who pays whenever politicians decide to raise taxes on gasoline (shipping costs rise), raise import-duty fees (clothing and other imports get more expensive), and so on.And so it is with Mr. Andersens ingenious solution: Simply punishing the valley developers for our increased congestion, crime, and all the rest of the valleys multifaceted ills by assessing new impact fees.Scapegoating the developers and builders for our Mayberry R.F.D police forces failings, sadly, will simply raise the cost of homes, rents, and ultimately the costs of everything else down the line: Homeowners insurance will be more costly, mortgage payments will be higher, and this valley will be an even more difficult place in which to own a home and raise a family.Ultimately, we will drive all of our blue collar workers out of the area, and Mr. Andersen will be forced to do his own laundry, change his own oil and clean his own teeth.Brace yourself for the squalling (For Government to FIX IT!) that youll hear, when that day arrives. Addison GardnerCarbondale