The propaganda machine |

The propaganda machine

Dear Editor:The Associated Press article in last Friday’s Aspen Times (“Interior Ministry begins giving IDs to Palestinians,” Jan. 26) reports on the problem of tens of thousands of Palestinians living in Gaza without residence permits. This article is full of distortions and insinuations that, as per usual, unjustly, lay a finger of blame on the Israeli government with statements like Israel “continued to regard them as nonpersons,” “has refused to allow any changes” and “is wary of giving legal status to Palestinians, as it rejects the ‘right of return’ of millions – refugees from the 1948-49 war.” This type of low-level, unsubstantiated, out-of-context reporting that provides the reader with no real information, only serves to contribute to the all-too-real propaganda machine of the Palestinians. A propaganda machine that has been so successful that it has much of the misinformed and naïve public mistakenly and foolishly believing that Israel is a big bully who is responsible for the mistreatment of the “poor, oppressed Palestinians.”Anyone who bothers to look at the facts would know that the situation the Palestinians find themselves in today has been the doing of their own leadership whom they have supported over the years, and not the Israelis. We could talk about the fact than the original number of “refugees” was less than half a million, many of whom only began to settle in the land in response to economic opportunities brought by the Jewish settlers in the early 1900s, and left of their own accord when the fledgling state was attacked in 1948 or how phrases like “right of return” are only code for the end of Israel as a Jewish state. But most important is that the Palestinians have been offered in 1948 and since the opportunity to establish a state of their own. Every time they have refused, and every time they have responded with violence.What is most infuriating is that it has been just a little over one year since the Israeli government has up-rooted thousands of its own people from Gaza – casting them out of their homes, communities and livelihoods. Wary from the barrage of suicide bombings that had killed thousands of Israeli civilians and severely injured many thousands more and realizing at the time that they had no real partner for peace, the Israelis conducted this very painful process in order to disassociate themselves from the Palestinians while providing them with a basis to finally build an entity for themselves. The world, they thought, would finally see clearly that Israel has no desire to either rule over nor oppress the Palestinians.In response, the Palestinians of Gaza voted the terrorist organization of Hamas, an organization that is bent on the destruction of Israel, into power. And rocket attacks on Israeli soil, violence against its citizens and misleading, accusatory articles such as the one published in last week’s Aspen Times continue to flow.Judy S. KavaSnowmass Village