The promises of Ittner |

The promises of Ittner

Dear Editor:

These are promises I make to you as a candidate and as a citizen of this community. And I will uphold these promises if elected as your next county commissioner.

I promise … to protect the values of our community and the quality of life. I love this community and want to see it protected.

I promise … to respect the opinions of others; I may not agree with their opinions, but I will respect them, and I will treat the person and their opinions with respect and make them feel that they and their opinions are welcomed.

I promise … to welcome ideas, whether they are mine or someone else’s, and to develop the ideas with others and make them better ideas. And not to shoot down the ideas with nonproductive criticisms. For ideas are the starting point and may not always work out, but if we do not start with an idea we have nothing. People need to feel that they can approach government with ideas.

I promise … to never assume that I know the position of my opponent or others. I can tell you what I believe in, but I recognize that I cannot speak for my opponent or others. On that same note I promise to never assume that someone else knows another’s position. I will go to the source for information.

I promise … to listen and hear what you have to say and give you my full attention when you are expressing your opinion. If I am unclear on what you are saying, I will ask you to elaborate and I will try to never make assumptions about your point of view until I fully understand it.

I promise … to make decisions from an open-minded place. I will come to the table without my mind made up and use the input and information presented from all concerned to direct me in my decision-making process.

I promise … to work to promote collaboration, not division. Now more than ever we need to build social capital and bring the community together.

I promise … to apologize when I make a mistake and work to make things right for all parties.

I promise … to give the benefit of the doubt that someone is speaking from the heart and the truth as they know it.

You deserve these promises from your candidates, your elected officials, and your neighbors.

I will deliver on these promises.

Rob Ittner

candidate, Pitkin County commissioner

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