The problem with baggage |

The problem with baggage

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to Aspen City Council Members.)Dear Editor:I have already talked to Helen Klanderud, and she is helping on this issue regarding our Aspen Airport inefficiency, but I was hoping the rest of you might think about how we can improve Aspen’s image by not having our visitors wait nearly an hour for their luggage and then not being able to find a cab to their hotels or places where they are staying in Aspen or Snowmass. I arrived into Aspen at 6:15 p.m. last Saturday evening and didn’t get home until 8 p.m. I had to hop on a hotel van and then walk home from the hotel because there were no cabs. I also never received my luggage until 2:30 p.m. the following day.I do understand that this is not a city issue but rather a county issue. I have talked to Jim Elwood (618-9824), who is the Aspen Airport superintendent. He told me that the problem lies with Sky West and that I should contact Heidi Kowar at 920-2622, ext. 11. He said that he had received many complaints and was happy that I too might talk to Sky West about hiring more luggage handlers. He has tried very hard to get help at the airport. One luggage handler told me Saturday evening when I (and everyone else) was waiting so long for luggage that the pay is so low that no one wants to work at the airport.I would like to contact the county commissioners but do not know their e-mail addresses, other than Rachel Richards’, and she is helping on this issue.Last fall (offseason) when I arrived at the Aspen Airport in the early evening, the airport was locked and the janitor had to let the passengers into the airport. Then there were only two women helping with the luggage. It took forever to get our luggage.The first impression a visitor feels when arriving into Aspen should be a good one. I can understand weather delays but not a lack of airport staff to handle passengers’ needs.Can any of you on the City Council, county commission or Sky West help? Let’s do something about this inefficiency ASAP!Susan WelschAspen

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