The power of prayer |

The power of prayer

Dear Editor:

I am beginning to believe in the power of prayer. As I sit here watching another snow storm, I am reminded that back in November 2007 a group of mostly locals held a prayer meeting asking for snow. Their collective karma is amazing.

According to the city of Aspen’s water plant weather information, it has snowed seven out of the first 10 days of January totaling 28.75 percent this month. Last month it snowed 20 out of the 31 days of December for a total of 63.14. Total snow since Dec. 1 is approximately 92 inches. It has been snowing approximately 75 percent of the time over the last 40 days. To those of you that attended the prayer meeting I say, congratulations! Perhaps you would consider getting together again to pray for peace.

Ed Monge


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