The power of poetry |

The power of poetry

Dear Editor:

Many thanks and kudos to Annie Garrett and the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade Aspen Country Day School students she inspired to write and read their own poems to an overflowing crowd at Live Poetry Night this past Sunday. All seven of the aspiring poets, Sari Behr, Dylan Behr, Austin Corona, Rebecca Howard, Willam Kahn, Tristan Niskanen, and Callie Rominger, made the night truly special.

Attendees were first treated to several original songs performed by singer/songwriter/guitarist/ski instructor Pat Fagan and then were held spellbound by the students surprisingly profound and poetic thoughts.

Following the open mic portion of the evening, our feature poet, David Feela, continued to keep the audience captive to the joys of the spoken word. This past Sunday was one of the finest nights at Live Poetry Night – a true gem. Everyone was so proud of these most impressive young poets … not just their parents.

The Aspen Poets’ Society hopes more young people will attend future Live Poetry Nights which are held at the Hotel Lenado on the last Sunday of every month. The spoken word clearly knows no age boundaries.

Lisa Max Zimet

Co-founder, Aspen Poets’ Society

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