The Popcorn Wagon is dead; long live the Popcorn Wagon |

The Popcorn Wagon is dead; long live the Popcorn Wagon

Dear Editor:

I look at the Popcorn Wagon with its fancy remodels and remember the days in the early to mid-90s, the last time the place had good owners. I worked there, selling $3 to $5 greegaros and crepes and $1 to $2 popcorn. We would routinely drop $900 to $1,200 in the safe after a night shift.

The line would be out to the fountain with two of us working to quickly feed everyone. Now, with the only offerings as $7 cheesesteaks, $9 hamburgers, and $3 to $4 popcorn, I predict those type of Z-outs will be a rare anomaly. I am curious when it is even open. Closed at noon on Christmas Day. Thanksgiving was the only day all year it closed when I worked there.

I also have to wonder what makes those burgers worth more than the beef at Little Annie’s, the Onion, CP Burger, 520 Grill, or Mickey G’s (Johnny McGuire’s), which are all run by real locals. At least the old Wagon is red again; it doesn’t look like a space ship or the bathrooms at Eric’s Bar.

However, I can’t wait til the Vegas folks fail and take their Junk back where it belongs: Nevada. Then, maybe someone with a clue will mine that thing for the gold it has the potential to yield.

Chris “Dogger” Anderson


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