The plugs have been pulled |

The plugs have been pulled

Aspen has never really been a good fit for the conservative likes of McCabe and Hershey, and it is a very good thing that their low-powered, though suspiciously high-brow, plugs have been pulled.

I think we will see these same kinds of political upheavals nationwide in 2004 when the affirmatively activated Yale cheerleader gets bounced from the Big House for lying about the weapons of mass destruction and “tax cuts” for the poor.

But the little wanker spent most of his formative years chugging beers and signing his daddy’s name at the family country club, so what could number 43 possibly know about the price of eggs in Carbondale or the smell of Napalm in the morning – I mean, after all, incurious George might still be AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard.

But, hey, maybe he earned some retroactive duty-time for staging that aircraft carrier landing and holding onto that old familiar stick while his backslapping buds from the advertising industry planned another vote-free coronation … but I digress.

Good luck, Torre … breathe deep, take big bites and don’t let the greedheads pave the Roaring Fork; you couldn’t really land a G5 on it anyway, not unless you cut down all the trees along the shore … but then, where the hell would our dogs still be able to poop in peace.

Let me know when it’s time to hang the rich. I’ll bring the rope – you bring the weiners.

Patrick Hasburgh