The plan for peace |

The plan for peace

Dear Editor:

Peace is on its way. I just returned from visiting Israel and the two “NGOs” that prepared “A Regional Peace Plan” (RPP). This was negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians, who had been in their respective governments and in the peace process.

An advance edition of the RPP has been sent to some diplomats and ‘peace seekers,’ such as George Mitchell.

A formal launching of the RPP to the world will take place in Israel this fall. There will be a two-day conference. Many diplomats and those who seek peace through the “Two State Solution” will be invited.

The plan not only addresses itself to the Israelis and Palestinians, but also offers peace to all countries that have been in a state of war with Israel since 1948.

The Regional Peace Plan includes acceptance of the Arab League’s offer of peace.

There are 460 pages dealing in detail with all of the issues. The RPP will be posted on the Internet this fall.

All who have supported the Middle East Peace Dialogue Network should be proud to know that the RPP’s first pages state: “This work could not have been completed without the generous support of the Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, and its founder Richard C. Goodwin, Ph.D. (h.c.). We are all grateful for his vision and encouragement.”

For those who seek peace and wish to help, see

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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