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‘The Pet Goat’

Dear Editor:President George W. Bush was told a plane had hit the World Trade Center before he went into a classroom to meet with grade schoolers. When President Bush was told that a second plane had hit the World Trade Center, he was reading “The Pet Goat.” President Bush continued to read “The Pet Goat” for another seven minutes. Seven minutes is a very short time for some things like building a submarine, but is a very long time when the nation is being attacked. So I ordered “The Pet Goat” to see if President Bush thought there was something in the story that would help him fight terrorists. “The Pet Goat” is part of Reading Mastery II, Storybook 1. It is about a girl who gets a goat who eats things. The goat “… ate cans and he ate canes. He ate pans and he ate panes. He even ate capes and caps.” The girl’s father said “that goat must go.”The girl convinced her father to let the goat stay. It was a good thing, because when a robber came to steal the father’s car, the goat hit the robber with his horns. “The girl smiled. Her goat smiled. Her dad smiled, but the robber did not smile. He said, ‘I am sore.'”It takes 30 seconds to read the story, so I can only guess that President Bush realized he could not fight the terrorists using a goat and spent six and a half minutes wondering what to do.Since the goat gored the right evil doer, I would have thought that President Bush would have at least learned to leave Iraq alone and gone after Osama bin Laden. Maybe there is something in “The Pet Goat” that Bush sees that I do not. I will take another 30 seconds to read it again.Calvin LeeCarbondale

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