The perils of binge drinking |

The perils of binge drinking

Dear Editor:

Even though drinking is widely accepted, nobody should do it. Drinking isn’t good because you can damage your brain. There is a lot of teenage drinking and car crashing. Drinking gives you liver diseases, and if you are a binge drinker and always binge drink you can even die.

Drinking gives you brain damage, and brain damage is really bad, it hurts females, teens and men. Female drinking and brain damage are bad because a women has a greater health risk for drinking compared to men and women get more brain damage than a man drinking the same amount of alcohol during the same period of time. Women can get breast cancer drinking. Now when you are a teenager and drink your brain shrinks, and when you reach your adulthood you will have memory loss. I don’t know anybody who would want to have memory loss. For men brain shrinkage generally increases with age. The rate of frontal cortex shrinkage correlates closely with the amount of alcohol consumed. You’re probably wondering what binge drinking is. Binge drinking is the consumption of dangerously large quantities of alcoholic beverage in one session. says there is liver disease called cirrhosis. Alcoholic cirrhosis usually develops after more than a decade of heavy drinking, but for some people it can develop more quickly. Normal liver function is essential to life. The liver performs more than 300 life saving functions. Without the body’s systems we will simply shut down. In the United States cirrhosis is the seventh leading cause of death among middle aged adults. Approximately 10,000 to 24,000 deaths from cirrhosis may be attributable for alcohol consumption each year.

You want to know what else is bad? Teenage drinking, and drinking while pregnant. Teenage drinking is terrible. You get peer pressure and then it gets worse you get drunk and drive then ” BAM ” a car crash. Drinking while pregnant is just being mean to your baby. In my opinion I think that these two are the worst. For teenage kids it begins at age 12 and up.

Now some of you wouldn’t agree. When you are a female and you are drinking (especially binge) and are pregnant that is really had. According to when you take a drink your baby is taking one, too. For the unborn baby the alcohol interferes with its ability to get enough oxygen and nourishment for normal cell development in the brain and other body organs. They can also have serious problems. Isn’t that sad? A baby can have a small body size and weight, deformed ribs and sternum, curved spine and hip dislocations, missing fingers or toes, and learning disabilities and more.

There are many good reasons why you shouldn’t drink: liver disease, brain damage, teenage drinking, pregnancy drinking, and binge drinking. I hope you have considered to not drink any more. Drinking is terribly bad. If you know someone who binge drinks or if you binge drink please consider your health, thanks.

Joana Ospina

Aspen Middle School seventh grader

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