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The Perfect Aspen Wedding

Joy Overbeck
Marcy Kneiper

The Romantic Wedding

The Hotel Jerome 330 E. Main 800 331 7213 1-800-331-7213

This grand dame in the heart of Aspen is fabled for its Victorian charm and the collection of real live movie stars who can be found imbibing and hobnobbing with the locals in its J-Bar. The splendid ballroom with 26 foot high ceilings, elaborate swag drapes, and crystal chandeliers is just the place for an evening of enchantment. Tall pairs of double French doors surround the room with great elegance, opening to a patio with a fountain outside. Up to about 300 people can be seated for dinner in the ballroom; overnight guests can stay in the 91 rooms at the hotel.

The Sardy House 128 E. Main 970 920 2525

For the smaller wedding, this gracious vintage mansion sets a beautifully intimate tone. Full of burnished woodwork and antiques, with a stately staircase perfect for that dramatic bridal entrance. Another lovely setting is just outside in the garden. About 50 people can be accommodated inside; outside, that number could more than double.

Redstone Castle Redstone 970 963 3463

Any truly fairytale wedding takes place, where else – in a castle. Less than an hour away from Aspen, Redstone Castle was built in 1898 and boasts turrets, stone and wall-to-wall romantic atmosphere. Inside, the Great Room can seat nearly 100; more if the outside courtyard is used. In fine weather, weddings are often celebrated on the grassy front lawn. The bride is the star as she sweeps down the marble staircase to captivate her adoring audience. Wedding party and guests can stay at the Castle and the nearby Redstone Inn.

Most couples who come to Aspen to get married actually live elsewhere. They choose Aspen either because they first met here, or one or both have skied these mountains with their families for years. That’s why your number one piece of essential equipment in arranging this kind of long-distance wedding is the wedding planner. Think of her as a fairy godmother. She’s here to coordinate all the details and the logistics, as well as checking along the way to make sure everything, down to that horse-drawn carriage, is just exactly right.

What caterer has the freshest sushi bar? Which florist is sure to deliver on-time with the perfect shade of pink? Which band plays the nostalgic rock and roll you love? Your wedding planner knows. And usually she’ll even pay all the bills for you – with your money of course.

Creative Weddings 970-704-1300

Marcy Kneiper has been in the wedding biz for about ten years now, which translates into probably 100 weddings. Her advice: definitely retain a wedding coordinator. And arrange your wedding exactly the way you want it. Says Marcy, “The people we have in Aspen can do literally anything. So if there is some dream aspect of your wedding day you’ve wanted all your life, this is the place to make it come true.”

Joy Ann Creations Glenwood Springs 1-888-456-9266

Starting out as a flower designer, Joyce Gornick branched into wedding planning about seven years ago. She can provide imaginative floral atmosphere as well as coordinating all other aspects of the wedding. “Many people don’t realize the wedding will run so much smoother with quality people: to plan it and to handle every aspect of the event,” observes Joyce. “You will be looking at your wedding pictures your whole life — you want the day to be a truly spectacular memory.”

Many of the wedding venues discussed here are located in hotels and thus provide their own banquet services. But here are few caterers just in case:

European Catering LTD, Aspen 920-4262

Peter O’Grady 925-7227

Fusion Catering 923-2369

Bill Parish Productions: big band, little band, or rock band 1-888-BPP-BAND

Network Band Productions: a great local band, 70’s through 90’s 923-4945

Moment’s Notice Entertainment: the word is versatile 544-5530

Disco Dan: really gets the crowd revved 923-6506

Swing Kid: all the great tunes — the 30’s through the 90’s 1-800-930-2415

Joy Ann Creations: from high style to the warmth of home 945-138

The Aspen Branch: original concepts, also a great variety of table linens 925-3791

Harrington Smith: think different and exciting 927-8545


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