The pecking disorder |

The pecking disorder

Dear Editor:

Does the name Jonathan Swift ring any bells? Swift was an Anglo Irish satirist who lived form 1667 to 1745. His best known work was “A Modest Proposal.” In the paper Swift advised the Irish to address their poverty by selling young babies to the British, noting that when cooked, the young babies made a delicious meal. All of Ireland was outraged by his paper, even though it was a total satire.

Jonathan Swift lives today in Aspen. His name is Roger Marolt. It has been great fun to read the outraged responses to his piece “A few ironclad rules of the road for multi-use trails.” If one reads it carefully, the satire stands out. At least two individuals have been totally taken in. I suspect there are more.

Roger is wasting his time as an accountant. His writing skills are wonderful.

Philip K. Verleger


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