The patrons were parched |

The patrons were parched

Dear Editor:

What happened to the free water at Jazz Aspen? At both the June and September festivals, I noticed a conspicuous absence of the large water silos that have been there in years past. In their place is stylish Flo water ” available for $2 a bottle ” if you’re willing to wait in line at the beer tents or food vendors. Granted, I’m sure that Jazz Aspen needs to profit as much as they can, so I’m not surprised that we now have to pay for what we used to get for free.

To Jazz Aspen’s credit, small office-style water coolers were placed near the concert-field toilets during the heat of the days, but their bottles were quickly drained and slow to be replaced. Also, bottled water was available at the first aid tent for those who were dehydrated enough to require medical attention. Lastly, festival-goers were allowed to bring in their own bottled water in sealed containers, which is a Jazz Aspen first.

However, it seems counterintuitive that Jazz Aspen promotes itself as being environmentally conscious (in the announcements before every artist, no less) while taking away the environmentally conscious solution to providing basic drinking water for its patrons. The festival’s policy of selling bottled water produces more plastic waste than the water silos of years past, and allowing patrons to bring bottled water discourages them from bringing their own reusable containers.

Jim Horowitz and Jazz Aspen management, please don’t be hypocritical ” put your environmentally conscious money where your mouth is, and bring back the free water!

Jason Upper