The Palestinians’ dream |

The Palestinians’ dream

Dear Editor:

As a result of the lopsided coverage of the Israel/Palestine issue in our media, which focuses mainly on the transgressions of a minute number of Palestinians, most Americans are unaware of the daily suffering endured by the men, women and children living under Israeli occupation.

This has led some Americans to develop a view that favors portrayal of Israeli Jews as victims of Arab hatred and violence, when the opposite is more often true.

Fact: In addition to the 1,400 killed in Israel’s 2008 attack on Gaza, 4,836 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers since the year 2000 (B’Tselem).

Fact: 24,145 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967 (B’Tselem).

Fact: A 2007 U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs report found that Israeli roads, towns and military bases now cover 40 percent of Palestinian territory. All along, Israel’s leaders have been giving lip service to peace while continuing to push Palestinians from their land and replace their homes and family farms with Jewish-only neighborhoods.

For more than 42 years, Israel’s government has advanced Jewish colonization using segregation and apartheid; confining the Palestinian people to small separate enclaves of poverty and deprivation reminiscent of South African Bantustans and U.S. Indian Reservations. Israel has been actively creating a Palestinian Trail of Tears; driving the indigenous people from their land just as European immigrants did to Native Americans.

That’s the irony in the use by a recent letter writer of Martin Luther King Jr.’s anti-oppression “I have a dream” speech, to symbolize Israel’s attitude toward peace.

Fact: Israel has achieved its dream of a great Jewish homeland by oppressing millions of people and killing tens of thousands.

Palestinians have a dream too. That is to receive a homeland of their own, free from occupation by a foreign power and secure from the terror of ethnic cleansing they’ve endured for far too long.

By denying financial aid to Israel until they agree to end their occupation, America can help the people of Palestine achieve that dream and become free at last.

Sue Gray


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