The noose tightens |

The noose tightens

Dear Editor:

Wow! Ron Suskind’s explosive new book “The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism,” which chronicles the forgery of a backdated letter from an Iraqi to Atta (9/11 attacker) that Bush and the neo-conmen used to gin up support for their disastrous Iraqi invasion, won’t be on “Juan McSame’s” summer reading list.

The war criminals’ plausible deniability just got less plausible ” which is obviously a step forward.

Condi Rice, at last weekend’s music fest, said (vis-à-vis Iraq), “What really gets under my skin is when people say GWB wanted war, because he didn’t.” Add that lie to the 985 (documented) that the war pigs used for the Iraqi genocide.

The noose is a tightening!

Ben Newell

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