The next word, if not the last

Dear Editor:Response to Johnny Boyd (letters, Aug. 22): Ahh yes! The Aspen Skiing Co. bashing editorialists gotta defend each other. Kind of like me defending my friend of over 30 years from what I thought was an unfair attack. However, it’s telling that, after your critique of my writing gymnastics, you jump in with the metaphor of brown-nosing. How clever! How original! Are you sure Bruno didn’t ghostwrite this one?Anyway … too bad it doesn’t work in this case since I have nothing to gain from it. I quit management two years ago, and have no further ambitions that such a strange action could enhance.It’s also kind of cool that Kaplan is a big enough guy to step up and apologize just in case he did offend anyone with his comments. But there I go brown-nosing again. I wonder what it is that I want from them! If I weren’t so senile, maybe I’d know.Johnny, if you’re having trouble with the letter, get someone to read it to you slowly.Weems WestfeldtAspen