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The next thing

Allyn Harvey

This is it. The season’s over on Sunday. Aspen Mountain and Snowmass are about to put the brakes on the bull wheel.

The Ullrhof won’t be on our minds the next time it gets too cold, windy and blustery on the Big Burn.

No more freshies in the pow-pow down the skier’s left of Last Dollar.

No more hikes up the Bowl.

No more straight shots down Racer’s Edge.

It’s time for the next thing.

Desert tripping.

Mountain biking.





Jumping in an ice-cold alpine lake on a hot summer day.

On the Hill commends the season. It’s been a good one, overall.

The Winter X Games.

A new boom box at the bottom of F.I.S.

Snow, snow and more snow.

New terrain at Snowmass. (Thanks J.B.)

Partying in the streets of Aspen.

Lunches at the Thunderbowl Cafe.

Sunny days on the crowded deck at Bonnie’s.

There were a few exceptions, however. The new Campground chair lift is only about half as good as the old one. Yeah, it’s a little cushier, but it short-changes skiers and snowboarders by dropping them off only three-quarters of the way up.

There was a most unfortunate firing.

And what’s up with March Meltdown?

Thank “you know who” for that big ol’ storm at the end of the month, dumping thigh-deep snow (I’m not kidding) in the G-Zones.

So hit the slopes this weekend and say farewell. There’s approximately 70-something inches of snow on top of both mountains, considerably less in the middle and nearly none at the bottom. At least that’s what the company is reporting.

Keep your spirits up: Snowboard season is just seven-and-a-half months away.