The next best thing to a surgical iPod implant |

The next best thing to a surgical iPod implant

Nate Peterson
Aspen Times Weekly

I wrote in this same space a few months back that, if possible, I’d get my iPod surgically inserted into my hip if there were such a procedure.

I haven’t found a willing surgeon, but I have found the next best thing: my new Nike iPod Nano armband.

New to me, at least. As I learned while looking for my armband, I’m a tortoise when it comes to the race that some of my friends seem to be in for the most human-integrated iPod technology. (Which, as far as I can tell, isn’t too far from the aforementioned surgery.)

Case in point: With the new, square-shaped iPod Nanos, you can actually upload software that syncs with select Nike shoes to chart your running speed, distance, and presumably anything else you wanted to know ” or didn’t want to know ” while listening to your carefully selected playlist.

As for my armband, it’s real simple. It holds my iPod, straps to my left arm, and allows me to listen to music while I’m running. I found the thing on sale at the Nike outlet store in Silverthorne for the bargain price of 15 bucks. It’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent, solely for this reason: It’s kept me running.

I don’t need the personalized video workouts that come with the new Nanos, or a heart rate and distance monitor. I simply need an hour away from my desk, an open trail and the new thumping disc from The Roots pulsing through my ear drums to keep me grinding along.

My one complaint about the armband is almost inconsequential. With the way it’s positioned on my bicep, I have to watch how hard I pump my arms, or my left hand will hit the dangling white earphone-cord and yank the earphones out of my ear.

The obvious solution, of course, would be to get some wireless earphones.

That, or have some surgically implanted.