The ‘new’ Basalt |

The ‘new’ Basalt

Dear Editor:What did I ever do to Glen Rappaport that he should insult me at a public meeting? A diverse group of residents questioned the Basalt Town Council’s actions regarding a major annexation and golf course expansion. We think the council is not honoring the process of citizen involvement.And here’s the insult: Glen Rappaport said we have disguised our opposition to the golf course expansion by wanting citizen involvement, i.e. updating the master plan. He thinks we’re being disingenuous and will oppose this project any way we can. I could have responded by saying he’s an architect and can’t wait to vote for this project because he may get jobs from it. But I didn’t. Until his comment I thought Basalt Town Council meetings were about respect and citizen involvement. Welcome to the new Basalt.The fact is that we could go through the correct process and as a community decide that a golf course expansion is the best use of that land. I’m fine with that. In fact, if that happens, I’ll immediately buy some green pants and start taking golf lessons. Jim PaussaBasalt

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