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The nature of things

Dear Editor:

Went to the Biennial of the Americas, a culture celebration of the ARTS in Denver. Had a very disturbing experience, a feeling of being excluded and marginalized by the organizers and was being escorted out of the building by security when the person who sold my $100 ticket saved the moment.

A lesson in disrespect of human dignity based on separation of the classes fed by greed, envy, individualism, a social disease category of discrimination. I am sure, based on old rules, deeply ingrained polices of racism, materialism that are an attitude of superiority. It still exist and surfaces in the strangest of situations where intolerance and ignorance offends without awareness. It starts at home, the loss of values embracing disrespect, inhumane or unkind behavior toward others.

We need kind, thinking beings who do not live by the rules of others based on old ideas of inequality and socioeconomic status.

Hinton Harrison


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