The most cache of all |

The most cache of all

Dear Editor:I see that a second-home owner whose primary residence is Beverly Hills appears in the local Aspen press as coming from Los Angeles.I would think this Beverly Hills resident would be proud to live in and claim a city that has superior police and fire departments, superior city employees, the super-grand Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, more visitors than Disneyland, gobs of entertainment industry businesses, superior hotels, a day time workforce of 200,000 people, superior publicity apparatus, the most expensive street in the world known as North Rodeo Drive, superior cosmetic surgeons, public artwork sensibilities, maintains trend setting status for the rich and the famous, et al.However, she must be ashamed to live in such a great, small city whose total assets in 1990 were worth $40 billion in just five square miles.Why doesn’t Cheryl Saban just make Aspen her primary residence since being known from Los Angeles has less cache than Beverly Hills? What do you think about Beverly Hills?Emzy Veazy IIIBurbank, Calif./Aspen

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