The M&M connection |

The M&M connection

Dear Editor:The other night when I was contemplating Holy Cross’ future, I was reminded of the old Broncos’ “M&M” connection of Morton to Moses. How sweet it was. I also thought about the Hershey’s product of M&M’s and how it has become an American staple.What does “M&M” stand for anyway? What I do know is that “M&M” (David Mott and John McCaulley) are running for directors of the Holy Cross Energy board in the northern district. I believe their election to that board would go a long way in stabilizing Holy Cross’ future. Both these individuals have character and integrity and would put the consumers first. Now if we add Bob Gardner in the southern distinct to this mix we have the MM&G connection. It doesn’t have the same ring as the Broncos’ old Morton-to-Moses connection, but it would be a sweet way to ensure the future of Holy Cross. Mott, McCaulley and Gardner would be a great connection and addition the Holy Cross board. I urge you to cast your vote for these three individuals in the upcoming Holy Cross board election.How sweet would it be!Bob StarodojAspen

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