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The Micktator

Dear Editor:

Su Lum was very excited about my argument with Mick at a recent City Council meeting (“Strange coincidences may occur,” The Aspen Times, Aug. 5). She was so focused on the fact we had one that she forgot to mention what it was about. (Clearly, she wished to criticize me personally for speaking out, while sweeping what I said under her linoleum floor.)

I had made a presentation to council, only to have Mick “summarize” it after the fact with his personal condemnation before council began its discussion. When he had lied one too many times about what I had just said, I spoke out loudly from the peanut gallery, beginning with “I’d appreciate it if you quoted me correctly.” Our ensuing argument was not over whether or not he had lied (he didn’t deny it), but over the fact that I spoke out to correct him without being called upon. Sadly, this is still how it works in council chambers.

I was speaking for all the citizens who have gone before council with their public comments, only to have Mick, with the last word, misconstrue, misquote and misrepresent what they have just presented. There is no process to rebut him when he does this, and he knows it and does it regularly. Last I checked, our councilmen are all perfectly capable of listening to public comments and discussing them without Mick’s opinionated overviews. It’s time for council to step up and call Mick out when he crosses the line. This is a democracy, not a dictatorship.

Elizabeth Milias


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