The melting pot’s lid |

The melting pot’s lid

Dear Editor:

If America is the “melting pot” of the world, then how can we also be “one nation under God”? Unless God is the lid of the melting pot. If we are “one nation under God,” then close all borders and throw out all non-Christians. And even if the Christians say he is the “lid” of the melting pot, then does that make all those who melt without a lid bad people?

I believe in God but don’t want to meet him because GeeDubya wants a fight with some alleged terrorists. I simply cannot comprehend a country with such diversity in race, religion and individual viewpoints considering themselves equally under any one spiritual power or God/god for any reason. That is just my opinion. And like it or not … I am entitled to it!

By the way, your kids are doing coke in the bathroom of the “high” school under the melting pot lid!

John Norman


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